We would like to spread Japanese food to the world more and more.

The demand for Japanese food is still increasing overseas. In addition, there are many hidden specialties in Japan that can be more highly evaluated overseas. However, compared to other countries, the export value of Japanese food is overwhelmingly low. Why is this? There are still some hidden issues. We would like to contribute to spreading Japanese food more and more by confronting the core issues that Japan and the world have head on and working to solve them.

The challenges that Japan and the rest of the world have in importing and exporting Japanese food. These include language, trade know-how, the cost of importing and exporting, forecasting demand on the overseas side, and the man-hours required for marketing and purchasing new products. We will provide a place where Japanese producers and manufacturers who have never tried exporting their products overseas can easily take on the challenge of exporting their products overseas, and we will also provide a place where people around the world can encounter new Japanese food products that they cannot find anywhere else. We will create such a bridge between Japan and the world.

Board member

umamill was born out of Softbank's internal entrepreneurship program.
We will do our best to contribute to the expansion of Japanese food imports.

  • matsubara

    Soichiro Matsubara


  • ito

    Kazuhito Ito


  • ida

    Masa Iida


About us

  • Company name:umamill Corp.

  • Date of establishment:April 1, 2019

  • Location:1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo

  • Representative Director CEO:Soichiro Matsubara

  • Shareholder: SB Innovation Corp.

  • AgriBusiness Investment and Incubation Co., Ltd.

  • Meitetsu Kyosho Corporation

  • Asahi Foods Co., Ltd.

  • Founder